Friday, February 4, 2011

"So your one of those coupon people"?

I get this question from strangers in the store on a weekly basis, like I have a disease.  If you coupon, you know what I mean.  The person behind you at the check out register who is huffing and puffing because the cashier is having to scan your coupons.  Or we have the people who see me in the store with my binder and look at me like I am from outer space.  Eventually they ask me what the binder is for and then I get the inevitable statement "So your one of those coupon people".  How do you handle situations like these, especially when some are downright rude to you? I normally try to either ignore them or smile sweetly and say, "I cant believe how much money I have saved today".  To be honest, I can understand that to some they just do not understand why we do what we do.  However, with the current economy in the tank, I am seeing more and more people with their coupons, trying to scout out great deals, just like I am. 

It does not help that we have shows like TLC's Extreme Couponing, showcasing people who are basically hoarders.  So it is understandable why we sometimes get the bad attitudes from people that we do.  I am doing what I do to take care of my family and stay on a strict budget, so if you want to label me "one of those coupon people" go ahead, I wear the title proudly! :-)

Happy Couponing Friends!


  1. I usually offer to let people go ahead of me, saying "I have all these coupons..." and they sometimes say "That's okay, I'm interested to watch and see how much you save!"